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P r o g n o s t i c o n
Michaelis Nostradami ad
Annum 1 5 6 0.

This is a short Practica,
which shows from the Lx. Year,
untill to the Lxvij, what in this time should appear
and happen, with many different discords and war,
also dearness, dying, and many other contrariety.
This Practica in the french language was sent
to a good Gentleman in Germany and then
he had it made in German. To all
the pious Christians given
for a good day.


Michaelis Nostradami ad
Annum 1560.

Therefore that this present year with many past
and still comming things untill 1567, will be the
most dangerous, there will be many oddly new
contrarietys, crowds and revolts trough a new
powerful, which will appear like a Flagello Dei,
with a furious tyranny. Also great hunger and
dying, which all together will for a time increase.
Because the Mars is still not appaised, one will
discover contrariety, and revolts, between the commun
people, because of the splitting of the Religions, also
because of the adherents of a few high potentates,
and also sectes, trough which not a small damage
to the Christian churches can appear, as I think,
one should not fear this revolution more, then all
the others, which have been from the year 1539
untill today, then trough the revolution from the
present year, and the past Ecclipsis and the one
now coming, the commun people trough torture
will knuckle under with fear, forced and depressed.
But before the third part of this year has passed, will
everybody feel and recognize, that the passed wars
have not been so cruel and hurtful, as the coming will
be. If  Mercurius, the Sun and Jupiter come together,
then the mad effects will come to the daylight.
To them for one part belong the monetary system,
and this not without noticeable damage to the commun
people, but with profit and improvement for the
Jovialistes, and a lot more the Mercurealistes, which
without change and honor, will get their profit.
Mercurius at a raised figur (signe), with the Sun,
will produce great complaints and sadness, and the
Sun will get the killing, wich will be made, on the way.
In the year 1561 and 1562 will something strange get
started, but for a great deficit, disgrace and shame, to
them, which have at first declared it, and the proverb
Malum consilium, Consultori pessimum. will be found
for true. The beginning will raise in the German Land, then
the same calamity will come to France, and will be cause to
the Christianity, for a great revolution and sedition trough a
few leaders from the commun, Vt ex priuatis homibus, but
because they hope to get the whole tree, they will only get
the leaves which have been fallen off. After this follows
such calamity in Hispania and the whole Italia.
Also great revolution and sedition will be heard in the Land
Avion, which will not calm down and be appeased, untill to
the year 1568. and in those revolutions it will be terrible and
unfortunate, that even one brother against the other will move,
get armed and misused, mainly also the commun people will
be charged and distressed.
But in which landscapes or kingdoms all this querness will
happen, is without need, also not useful explicit to describe.
It looks like Pithagoras would like to awake and produce a
new Attilam, that us all, in this present year, at many Lands in
the whole Europae vehement menace. Pithagoras statuit
animas de corporibus in corpora migrare Attila Rex.

Several only take it for not good, and make useless gossips,
that I, from many parts in Particulari show something, but to
themselfs, I will for this time, not answer long-winded, for the
reason, that what will happen for each day in all the months,
easily satisfied can be taken from the obscuritys (eclipses).
The fruits will this year not grow good, at the beginning and
at the blossom, from cold, mist and frost damaged. From
weed and thorn will be more collected, then from good korn.
Follows hereafter all sorts of sickness, like Pestilenz with
other terrible epidemics. Also great dangernes and in-
numerable trouble, injure, loss, which is with the above
calamity mixed, which all from God the almighty to us
was send, because of our sins.
The most dying will happen along the commun people and
the farmers, from them many will be killed by the sword,
because of the long lasting revolution.
A innocent child or son of the enemy, will be with fury
and rage pushed out, and trown in front of wild and untamed
animals, which animals is allowed to malicious tyrannize him.
The grumble and crying, complaining over the murder and the
inhuman actions, will far be heard and spread, but still it will
bring not less oppressions and embarrassment, as a great
incendium. Though the distinguished leaders of the crowds
and revolts will go to the Latin Landscape, which is Italiam,
and a few of the highest are murdered. They will cry out
libertas, libertas pro reptio, but by the one which is meant,
one will see the tyranny used three times bigger, as at no one
before it was feelt.
And he will proclaim himself, as if he was the one, which at
 the truth he not is, to him it will be missing, and everybody
will watch him peculiar, the loyal slave and servant will do
like Polidamus to Parmenonj, and one will murder the other
with his whole company.
All kind of  fish and what the water contains, will be in the
summer trough the wind Boreas so much damaged, that
many will be dying.
One from the Sun, from the Aquilonaribus regionibus,
will be attacked trough treachery, to the great alliance of
the Christianity (crystal ?), which from a few high persons living
in this land, which carry science, trough information and
advertisement of the people living on the isle of Britannia.
But all the diligence and ruse will be useless.
Further will misfortune appear from a great lightning and
fire, but much greater and more astonishing from the im-
petuousity and inondation of the water.
Also, it will happen something strange, but there is no need
to report, because it will be shown enough at that day.
Between the rebels will be made many and different attempts,
and a great crowd of warriors will come together without any
The main part of the contrariety will be so important, that from
many started things, not less will be brought to an end. One will
not give that, what he did get and he did take, out of his hands,
because he is afraid, that someone else takes it from him.
Trough malicious poisoned air and thunderstorm, will be a
strange assault prevented. Instead of a peaceful and friendly
living and lying together, will be furiousity. But the greatest
furiousity will come from the ecclesiasticals, which also between
themselfs will have many debates, discords and quarrels, and
from great rulers they will be hated, good law and order
they will despise. The persecution and tyranny will be so
great, that for a few it will become hard, to quench theyr
thirst with it. And trough much blood will be spilled, still a
big crowd will raise theyr hands, which not without great
charges will happen.
A few will show to the outside, as if they like the religion,
but in theyr mind and on the inside, they think very different.
That one should carry compassion with the other, or show
honest love to him, will be very strange and oddly.
Many robberies in the water and on the land will be,
likewise as many trough relatives, as trough enemys,
likewise homicide, murder, unchastity, mischievousness,
allover will increase.
Likewise two or three will be slayed, or end with dead.
And because of  the dead of the one, there will appear a
noticeable rebellion, with deficiency of  korn and supplies,
because Hispania, Provence, Italia, will not obtain as
many fruits, as they have been hoping.
From the eclipse menace another calamity, which one
will not be glad to see.
The streets and highways will be opened at all towns, but
trough crowds and robberies obstruct.
Likewise it will be shown, from a mighty ruler, the miserable
departure from his proper government, and the subordinates
will not be allowed to the property or to follow there, a few
of them will be feared with prison, siege and tumult.
Painters and the alike artists, likewise learned mans and
excellent ingenia, in this year will be suffering, many of them
with dead decease, because malicious air, dearness, scanty
diet and food will be contrarily to them.
Between the people from the nobility will be seen
unwillingness, discord, quarrel, and theyr richness or
luck will be breaking off.
A king will be this year charged with body weakness
and sikness. But GOD will preserve him, and again
give him healt.
Afterwards one will preceive new discord and quarrel
between the people allover.
Councillors, writers, jurists, will feel not less disaster.
Likewise this year will be feelt a particular sterility, and
a commun ruin to the herbs and fruits, one part trough
worms and vermins.
At the beginning of the summer, one part trough unusual
cold and frost, and other poisoned signes. From this
afterwards sickness not only like pestilence, just the same,
by the time this follows.

End of this Practica.
by Wilhelm Zannoth, April 2006