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Opinions to my books

When I had decidet to publish the results of my work for many years with Nostradamus, I believed that at least "one" of my colleagues seriously would check the "little things" and "inconsistencies" found by me. But far been missing, "everyone cooks his own soup" and everything else and even something "new" is at first rejected.
There are some researchers which believe in a "hidden text", since there is - after Nostradamus own words -, a "parole hereditaire de l'occulte prediction", but some other overview this reference and then there are no prophecies and for shure no "hidden text". According to theyr statements Nostradamus interpreted only old forecasts - more or less well again - and describes only history as it was at his time already the past.

Now that will remain always a point of discussions, as long as not all writings of the master are found, investigated and published.

Since I personly believe in a "hidden text", I had to be in the case of my translations endeavored "neutrally" and not to repeat the interpretations of the colleagues. There are already enough "plagiarists", which take each interpretation of a predecessor as "cash coin", to copy them and nothing different in addition occurs, as something with "small changes".
Because on my books the "sentence conversions" is criticized, - which I have consciously not made -, the call me a translator "without French - knowledge". But that is not the "crucial point", because if there is really a "hidden text", then I must translate the text in such a way as it stands there and not as it "sounds better". The master says, the fact that there are "rough verses" and then that gives evenly a "rough" translation, if  I do not want to change the existing text too much.

The following "opinions" to my books are quotations from different forum - discussions. I have myself permitted as the first comment to quote one of the many of  Dr. Elmar R. Gruber since he is called a real specialist and he was the only one, where details out of my works got involved. The further opinions speak - I believe - for themselfs and naturally it has also negative criticism to my books.


About a thick book it gives to say usually much. If one writes however equivalent three extensive volumes, one can express according to more in addition. There could be much discussion material in the future thus, over the three Nostradamus - books of  Wilhelm Zannoth alias Guillaume Thonnaz. Therefore I want to leave it first with a general evaluation. To the details - and there I have many special points of criticism to state - I come later.
Wilhelm carried out certainly an impressive diligence work, by endeavoring himself to present some important texts of Nostradamus and of one his critic (Laurens Videl) in the original and in the translation. This can be for many, which do not have the possibility of approaching to these documents, in particular at the Horapollo - text and to the Paraphrase Galens, above all the faithfully copied original copies, an important find pit for own further research. The translations, which Wilhelm in addition supplies, are already more difficult to judge, although or because he tries one as word and sentence rendition as truly as possible (however of it later more).
Due to the original - texts taken up in the three volumes, I can put the books of Wilhelm to the heart of each, seriously at Nostradamus interested person. For the estimate of the personality from Nostradamus is naturally also the Declaration of Videl, which was transliterated in volume 3, of inestimable importance. Particularly since in this forum many times was expressed again and again that French is to understand only very insufficiently and the desire for translations, one can consult Wilhelms books also as basis for a neutral translation as possible - which however with certain restrictions, to which I will express myself shortly.
E.R.G. 06.08.03

now I have read the 3 books, I'm impressed,
the translations are really greatly, absolute most exact which I know, super work and a solid basic stock, your interpretation of the key, hmm.... I really find that somewhere away ingeniously and correct and your explanations are also comprehensibly, but nevertheless to me really heavily.
tvd 24.07.03

thus the word - translations of bill are class, know momentarily no better clear directly - translation of nostradamus.
T. 24.07.03

Now the book, the books of Antikbill. That is something completely new. That I also with largest enthusiasm did not devour. I have struggled me more or less trought the 1000 and verses. There is still more, because there he has with many verses alternatively - translations. Interesting however always is it, and that also he found out 6-liner and also 3-liner. It gives me a completely new relationship to Nossi. Bills key, better pattern calls a completely new Nostradamus on the plan. At first sight one does not recognize no horror scenarios and disasters, I at least.

Without doubt the literal translations of Bill are a class for itself. With security there is at present no more extensive and clearer direct translation with all French texts. Also the system of the arrangement of the verses of all well known additions and a report of the graveopening with further 34 quatrains, represents at least for me, a completely new research basis. If  I understood it correctly, then Bills works are a basis for the further research, as one can with the system of the verse conversion (3 and 6 liners) found by him, come into a new order, from which one can the actual sense of the texts recognize. When first reading the new translation and the completely again arranged texts one - at least I - does not know large modern horror scenarios like 11.9. or Holocaust those on us comes to pick out. Surely and like the author also requires a further cooperation with flexible Nostradamus - researchers admits, adept French - language - specialists, this new way of a "key", which positively stands out against all me well known keys to commit.
D. 28.07.03

I would like here simply only posts that I find your books (I have now volume 2 begun to read) very good and very interesting. Above all your literal translations without interpretation are in my opinion a "must" for each serious Nostradamus researcher.
E. 11.08.03

But: the 1568er expenditure is outstanding suitable for bringing to the reader the entire work more near. And if  G. Thonnaz beyond all letters and Centuries makes possible also still, views of other works of the seer, then his three volumes are surely a gift to the German - speaking readers, that would like themselves to inform comprehensively about the work of the Nostradamus.
R. 11.08.03

Since I read now all three books of you, I take the liberty to write a review. I can quite imagine your achievement with large praise and admiration of your staying power, how much work and trouble prepared it for you, the works of Nostradamus literally to translate and would like to honor. How Elmar however already suggested, thereby the context was nearly completely lost and thus your work only more is valuable for those, which possess absolutely no French or latin knowledge. With much fantasy one could find oneself together, which could be located in the translated texts now. Elmar specified examples already and was not no more repeated by me. I was very disappointed however after I studyed the second book, when I regarded your so-called key of the master and the new arrangement of the verse lines. You are right, if you write that still nobody went this way, because it is again-intimately and completely from air seized.
Also the again formed, so-called Leonic verses devoted absolutely no liquid text formation and I cannot simply believe that you mean it serious and your opinion is, this is the decoded version of the prophecies. How can you only tear verses apart and still in addition in so such a cruel kind. It is for me as said incomprehensible, what rode you there. Even if you had still as much work, that justifies, my opinion, on no case this high price for a work, which is completely worthless, except from the last volume. Please be not bad on me, but I had simply to become loose this. I write naturally only my opinion, which is not divided by others perhaps.
K. 20.08.03

actually I belong here more to the reading, but after the substantial criticism at Bills book I must announce myself nevertheless once to word. I already read many Nostradamus books, also from René and evenly also the books of  Bill. Except Bills three-divider could convince me up to now, however like no other Nostradamus book. Everyone maintains to have the key , everyone thinks only of prophecies and that Nostradamus nevertheless actually knew, as it stands evenly also with René written, so rather each name of each more or less meaning king, dictator, politician etc.. Regard that this is nonsense. I am not the opinion, like Elmar Gruber e.g. that Nostradamus did not write prophecies, but I do not think also that he knew each "Promi name" up to 3797 and foresaw each event exactly.
Bills books stand out very pleasantly against the usual Nostradamus - book. Also the Leonic verses have a long tradition, which was known surely by Nostradamus and probably also controlled. Bills "key" does only at first sight not result in a sense, one must regard already more exactly. Clearly that the Nostradamus book reader with passion does not feel here "at home", is probably missing the well pre-sorted "bits" and the usual disaster calendar. Result: Bills books are beside Elmars book first, which concerns the topic Nostradamus finally somewhat more scientifically, which in my opinion was already long overdue.
W. 26.08.03

There you achieved according to my opinion somewhat very meaningful, even if there are here and there still different opinions. Thanks for this work, particularly volume 3 that promises much. To it one will come as really more interested, probably can not pas.
de. 31.08.03

I purchased meanwhile your three volumen work and occupied intensively with it - for my own work a genuine enriching.
C.G. 01.04.04

a text from the 19ten century (*) has in addition moved me to buy the books of guillaume thonnaz (antikbill??),  finally the nostradicts "at one piece" and/or in 3 pieces, I cannot recommend this giant work at any time as "standard" for the basic research,
(*) I am busy, with another topic - french - the Middle Ages - with nostradamus. however cannot be surveyed specialy nostradamus also there.
M. 15.10.04