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Nostradamus - originals
Prognosticon 1560 (German)
Pronostication nouvelle 1562
Propheties 1568 Lyon

Guillaume Thonnaz
my 3 Nostradamus - books
Reviews on my books
Propheties - comparisons
Short analysis to the editions
Orus Apollo
Orus Apollo - comparison
The Orus Apollo - manuscript
Leoninic verses
Scaliger & Nostradamus
Index & poulse
The Nostradamus grave plate

Pages under konstruction !
Maldoner - Malthaner
Zannoth & Fritz

Web - Links

Here you find some pages for more informations :
Nostradamus - Research :
Theo van Berkel,  a conscientious researcher and author of "Nostradamus, Astrology and the Bible" in Dutch and English;
Dr. Elmar R. Gruber, German author and researcher, also with contributions on the two following pages;
Robert Benazra, author and researcher, French and English with many international researcher contributions over Nostradamus;
Patrice Guinard, author and researcher, French and English with many international researcher contributions over Nostradamus;
Mario Gregorio, author and researcher, English and Italian with many origional textcopies;
Alexey Penzensky, Russian researcher with the "Horapollotext" of the Rollet-edition and a picture gallery, texts partly in English;
Dr. Lucien de Luca, French researcher;
Peter Lemesurier, English researcher and author;
Ray O. Nolan, German researcher and author in Paraguay, with forum;
Manfred Dimde, German researcher and author with  forum;
"Dilla", German researcher with large forum;
Dieter Heri Mader, German researcher with forum;
"Wakstyler", German researcher, common forum with the following address:
"Drarak", German researcher with forum;
Libraries with Nostradamus - originals:
BnF - French national library;
"gallica" - BnF, with texts as pdf-files for Download;
Mazarine - Bibliotheque, France;
Lyon - municipal library;
Albi - Bibliotheque Rochegude;
Bayerische Staats Bibliothek Munich;
Uni - Augsburg;
National - Bibliothek Wien;
Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbuettel;
Genealogy - ancestor research:
Family search, greatest English data base for all families, with programs for Download;
Sources of the Inter Net in Germany with many helpfull links;
Ancestry.com, English data base;
Bürgernetz Dingolfing;
Auer Dult in Munich, bavarian antic market;
Auerdult.de, from another view;
Colour Balancing, for health and the well-being;
Kathmandu.de, visits to the far east;