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Julius Caesar Scaliger

Excerpt from the "Real-Enzyklopaedie fuer die gebildeten Staende,
(Conversations - Lexicon) Reutlingen 1831"

The history of this famous scholar is wrapped by his vanity in darkness.
According to his fictions was he a descendant of the famous house of the Scaligers, princes of Verona, and born on 28 April 1484 on the castle Riva at the Gardasee, ward afterwards page with the emperor Maximilian, who he served 17 years in war and peace, received then a year content of the duke of Ferrara, studied to Bologna, commandet under the french vice-king a squadron, put on the study of the nature teachings and accompanied 1525 the bishop of Agen, Antonio de la Rovera, to his dioecese in France, where he established himself.
This narration received with several scholars, under those also de Thou, the friend and admirer of his son Joseph was, to faith; but it was made among other things, ridiculous already at his time by Scioppius and generally regarded as whole or to a large extent fictious.
After Tiraboschi's indication is Scaliger the son of Benedetto Bordone, one born Paduane, which operated the art of a illuminirer to Venice. Either of the indication of his workshop, or of the district where he was convenient della Scala, he had received his surname; up to his 42 years he lived to Venice or Padua in darkness, concerned himselve with the study and the practice of the medicine and published under the name Guilio Bordone some writings.
Either a promise or the hope to improve his circumstances pulled it him towards Agen, where he lived his remaining days. 1528 he does not seem to have been yet will to spend himself as a descendant of that dynasty, there he affected by Franz I. himself a naturalization patent under the name: Julius Caesar della Scala de Bordone, Dr. of physics, native from Verona in Italy.
Meanwhile he must have appeared to Agen with some honor, by receiving Andietta de Roques, a young woman from a noble and wealthy family, 1520 to his wife.
From this time on he began to publicly insure his princely origin, without however to be supported therein by a certified piece of act or acknowlegment of a prince from the veronese house.
He made his name glorious by several writings, which acquired him a high place among the scholars of his time, admits, although the bragging arrogance which prevailed in his works, tightened many enemies to him.
By continued practice of the natural history he acquired considerable richness and held a shining house. By the frankness of his writings he made himself orthodoxy suspicious.
He died however as a good catholic to Agen the 21. Oct. 1558 in the 76. year of live.
Scaliger was certainly a man of extraordinary abilities, and although he is counted to the late scholars, then to have nevertheless only few a higher stage in scientific regard climbed.
He had a strong memory and a lively understanding; he thought freely, if also not always follower genuine. Backobviously his moral characteristics his large truthfulness will particularly preisen from his son, but did not have to come thereby his vanity and disputatious disputatiousness into the play....
end of  quotation

This is one of the many biographies, which there are over his dark past. In many different it stands that he married only 1528 - 29 the 16 year old Andiette de la Roque Lobejac. Allegedly he became acquainted with her at the age of 13 years and has then married her as she was 16.

Now so long these circumstances are not by any documents occupied and clarified, we must regard it as pure speculations.

Scaliger and Nostradamus

If we compare now these speculations or better the above biography with the life of Nostradamus, then we know from the master that he came between 1532 and 1535 to Agen, into the house of Scaliger.
Now if Scaliger married already 1520, then he could have had a daughter at this time with the age between 12 and 15 years !
If now Nostradamus fell in love, - after the model of his "instructor" - with this girl and she also married then, then this would lighten the dark history around his first marriage !
In this history it means that he married ca. 1534 in Agen a young, very graceful girl from outstanding house and with her had two children, a son and a daughter. For some biographies as name of the girl even Henriette or Andriette d'Encausse is indicated !
Possibly did the daughter of Scaliger have the same first name as the mother ?
It would clear up some inconsistencies in the life of the master Nostradamus !
Why the name Caesar for the first son from the second marriage with Anne Ponsard ?
To the memory of the first, unfortunately so early deceased son from the first marriage ?
Did he carry the name of the father-in-law of Nostradamus, the first name of Julius Caesar Scaliger ?
Then the first daughter was called also Andiette possible like her mother and also the grandmother Andiette de la Roque !
This circumstance would explain also the large disunion, which Nostradamus had with Scaliger after the death of his first wife.
Scaliger could not help and Nostradamus was not at home as his wife and the two children got sick !
The great plague physician was on the way around helping "strangers" and at home died his wife and his children , the daughter of Julius Caesar Scaliger !
It must have been terrible for the grandfather to know that Nostradamus heals the plague within strangers and his daughter and his grandchildren die, because the father of the children is not at home with his "miracle medicine" !
Nostradamus returns too late and now begins the reproaches of the hot-tempered father-in-law. The dowry is demanded back and Nostradamus is forced from the house , hunted as a cheat and charlatan, and pursued with rushing writings. If one regards the whole circumstances of the discord between Scaliger and Nostradamus, then it can have only been like that.
Scaliger had to pay attention to his laboriously developed "good reputation" and therefore all documents by him was destroyed, how also later his son Joseph burned the remaining documents, which could have harmed the "good reputation" of the father.

But for me arises the question, is "everything" destroyed, or has something really survived the father or the son ?

Did someone in France make himself thoughts in this direction and search for any documents ?

Guillaume Thonnaz 2005