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Nostradamus - originals
Prognosticon 1560 (German)
Pronostication nouvelle 1562
Propheties 1568 Lyon

Guillaume Thonnaz
my 3 Nostradamus - books
Reviews on my books
Propheties - comparisons
Short analysis to the editions
Orus Apollo
Orus Apollo - comparison
The Orus Apollo - manuscript
Leoninic verses
Scaliger & Nostradamus
Index & poulse
The Nostradamus grave plate

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Maldoner - Malthaner
Zannoth & Fritz

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Anniversary - Edition.
Guillaume Thonnaz

Michel de Nostredame ( 1503 - 1566 ) called Nostradamus:
The new way to the prophecies of the master
1. Book - The basics

536 pages, 2003, DIN A5, Price: 35,20 Euro, ISBN 3-930894-97-1, Rhombos-Verlag, Berlin,
Orders in each bookshop, over our Antiquariat or direct at the Rhombos-Verlag

After a listing of the so far admitted works of the master and a guidance to the distinction of reproductions and corrected editions, brings the author in this book with the photocopies of the 1568 edition by Benoist Rigaud, finally the original texts of the master looked for many times, with a literal German translation. In addition all at present known additions of the prophecies are here copied and likewise translated of the originals.
This reference book with the French original texts of the prophecies of Nostradamus and a literal German translation of all verses, serves as "vitally necessary" basis for each serious researcher and prospective customer. Beside an overview of his works and the for the first time represented distinguishers of copies and antedating, contains this volume photocopies of the expenditure of Benoist Rigaud 1568, which is also called at right, the first total expenditure. With copies of all at present available additions and apparently an unpublished report on the opening of the grave of Nostradamus in the year 1688 with further 34 Quatrains found there, the most important parts of his prophecies are contained in this volume.

The author Guillaume Thonnaz operates a second-hand bookshop for over 30 years. His preference for old books has naturally also helped him to find the real originals and to segregate the copies or later prints.

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The books are available only in the German language, but with all the original French text !